Saturday, 3 January 2009

Playing catchups

Again, the beginning of another year. I'm not going to make resolutions, because I always make them. I'll probably just reiterate them. They are always ongoing, so it isn't as if the 1st of January is any more special a day.

It just means that I have to write "09" instead of "08" when I date things.

I've had a good run, of late. Holidays in Hong Kong and Shanghai (my first trip up to the mainland). Conference in Tasmania. Christmas here at home. And now back to work. Being able to go out with friends for coffee has been good. I owe so many coffees; I can now afford them, the economic crisis hasn't hit this far down the food chain. I owe so many conversation; I can afford them now, the brainspace is vacant and my schedule has amoeba-like-shifting gaps.

I'm back to loving my piano. I've been pushing myself, of late. No tears yet, but that will come.

I've caught up with a longtime friend, from Germany. We managed to date and get over each other, so we're brutally open and close. Best way to be. He's here with his German girlfriend, so I haven't had time to catch up with him alone. He is a fellow PhD student, only he has done well and moved overseas to do his stuff. Good decision for him, because Australia is a bit of a desert in terms of what he does.

And yes, another resolution is that I will write in here more often.

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Frank Baron said...

I'm taking you up on that resolution, kiddo. ;)

Happy New Year Minnow! :)