Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day again tomorrow. On a Saturday for once. I don't mind Valentine's Day. Neither like nor dislike it. I've spent quite a few alone, quite a few attached, some attached yet alone, so I think I've had my fair share of situations.

I'm not going to do anything this year. I'm happily unattached, happily single, yet not available, which is a strange predicament. For a long time, I thought it was more of a dichotomy. You were either single and available, or not single and not available.

Point is, I have people that love me, in different ways. Some more than others. And if anything, Valentine's Day came early for me, a few weeks ago. I fail to see the need to buy into (literally) the commercial part of Valentine's Day, but on a day like this, maybe it isn't the point. I'm not afraid to admit that I love being given flowers, if only just for the gesture that it brings. Expense can be spared. But to be told that flowers are for me, just because "I thought you should have them", is enough to make me smile like a girl.

It is a happy place, loving and being loved.

1 comment:

Frank Baron said...

Yes, it is.

And of course you smile like a girl. You ARE a girl.