Friday, 9 October 2009

It's time.

Exactly four weeks ago, I stopped having chocolate. In that time, my skin has cleared up fantastically, so it is a bit of a myth that chocolate doesn't affect things like that. Point is, I can do it, it does have benefits and I feel better for it. But it's chocolate.

I'm going to have chocolate tomorrow. After that, we'll see.


Hilary said...

Wow.. I'm impressed. A whole month! ;)

I have never subscribed to it being a myth. My skin STILL reacts to chocolate that way.. and to coke. And I old. Very, very old... sigh.. pass the chocolate. ;)

Stace said...

You did very well!! Chocolate gives me pimples too :( Although I'm currently munching away on chocolate-coated sultanas - they're fruit!! Not junk :) A tip: to avoid pimples, even when eating lots of chocolate, drink LOTS of water (or tea), clears up the face nicely :)