Saturday, 17 February 2007

New Beginnings

I'm going to start this thing again.

This is going to be my blog, as opposed to my diary. Yes, I do have one of those and good luck to you if you happen to stumble upon it and manage to understand what it is that I'm muttering about. People my age shouldn't mutter...moving on.

To me, there is a stark difference between a blog and a diary. A blog is more like a chronicle of events and occurrences, or at the very least, those that rate a mention. A diary is for self-reflection, emotional outbursts, and the like. So there you have it, what you should and should not expect from me. Then again, I run this place, it's my world.

Other reasons for starting this blog include the idea where I have a written memory of what happened in my life. I am starting the downward descent into adulthood and my memory will start to deceive me at times. That and I'd like to write more. Scientific writing is one thing, but this is a whole different ballgame.

So here we go...


Frank Baron said...

"...downward descent into adulthood"?

"...memory will start to"...something or other.

I'll have you young whippersnappers know that adulthood, in all its radiant glory, is every bit as...oh look! A kitty! How cute!

Slick2097 said...

Getting old is natures way of telling to each as much as you like, do what you want and damn the consequences.

Go at it full tilt and shoulder first...

Keep up the blog Althea, i'll keep your flag waving.