Friday, 9 November 2007

A brief update

Too long since updates. I'm ducking the projectiles being thrown. Many things have happened since, but I'll focus on them one by one.

Biggest news is probably that singledom is no longer a part of me. My boy and I have been together for nearly four months now. It has been a beautiful four months, just like he is. He has taken every obstacle we've had, in his stride and has given me no reason not to trust him. Things are sweet.

I am two final examinations away from finishing my second undergraduate degree. It has been six (relatively short) years and I've enjoyed most of it. Next year, my Honours year, will be a year of research. I've lined up a supervisor who seems absolutely fantastic. Further work, ie. PhD, is very much possible and I think that's what he wants. I want it too, mind you. His research group has ties to Cambridge, which is even more fantastic. My life is working out.

I've had a fair bit of experience this semester in event management of sorts. Our music committee has had a bit of a disaster, with two members of our exec (president included) deciding that they didn't want any part of this. So it fell to me and this one other guy. As I'm the only one on campus, it really was just me. As fun as it was, it was a lot of work. Never again, or at least not "by myself".

I will be posting in here more often. Semester is almost complete.

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Hilary said...

So nice to hear that things are working out for you, minlet. :)