Monday, 12 November 2007

The Myth of "Closure"

The goings on of the past few weeks have prompted this topic. I don't believe in "closure". Or at the very least, I don't believe in actively seeking it, because it doesn't exist. If only it came in little rainbow packages, clearly marked "Closure", where the packages are hidden like a scavenger hunt.

I have been asked too meet up with my ex, such that he have "closure". I'm a little surprised and extremely reluctant, because I don't see how it will achieve anything. Meeting up will just open it all back up again, which is in complete contradiction of what is wanted. That and I'm past it all. I have "closure", if you will. Secondly, the mere thought that I'm needed for said "closure" says more than words ever will.

If you need "closure" to move on, are you really ready to move on?

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