Monday, 10 December 2007

Parents and Growing Up

I'm getting a little older now, to the point where I think I can safely say that I'm an adult. I just don't think that my parents see that. Or at least, they don't seem to be going about this in a way that I'd say is wonderfully supportive.

I'm making more and more decisions on my own now. The consequences are mine to deal with. Usually. I just don't understand why they still use the silent treatment, after they say "It's your decision". They have been giving me the cold shoulder for a little while, for a few things, and it's confusing. My gut feeling is that they don't mean it and this their method of letting me know. When I was younger, it was more blatant and verbal. Now it's more subtle and less confrontational.

Maybe all parents are like that.

Short story is, I'm getting my tonsils out tomorrow. I've decided, yes, it is elective surgery. My mother doesn't think it's necessary and so she's letting me know by ignoring me. I'm not all that worried, for several reasons. She's made her point and I expect her to. I've realised that I keep seeking her approval for everything, and I need to stop doing that. I'm old enough to live my life and I will do things my way. I chose to have them removed tomorrow, because I can't afford to get sick over the next year and should they really need to come out then, it will be a very big hassle. My timeframe is very tightly wedged together and I need things to work.

Maybe she'll get over it.

Whatever happens, I'm learning to live my own life.

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