Saturday, 22 March 2008

Moodily Terrible - Terribly Moody

It's going both ways right now. I'm in a not-so-fantastic, ie. terrible, mood. The weather isn't helping (it is grey and showery), the people aren't helping (much) and there is only so much chocolate I can have.

I will snap out of it soon, but for now, I think I might just enjoy being moody and irritable. I haven't felt like this for a while, so I'm well overdue for a something like this. I think a cup of tea and some chocolate might help.

Speaking of chocolate, the end of a bar or block or figurine of chocolate always disappears a lot faster than the beginning of it.


Stace said...

By the time you're near the end of a block of chocolate, something inside your head just figures that you might as well finish it... there's no point putting such a small amount back in the fridge... It's nice to wallow in self-pity and moodiness every now and then. I think it's a "woman" thing... I'm not really sure, because most "women" things are things that I don't really do. I think. Oh well, cheer up, and all that. Nothing's really that bad!

Hilary said...

Althea.. try starting from the other end. ;)

OK.. not so helpful I know.. but I hope your mood lifts soon. :)

Frank Baron said...

Oh just go with it girl! Wear black and pretend to cut yourself. Listen to plaintive Emo music. Melt that chocolate down and inject it. Make morose seem like giddy. You can do it!


You might consider that you are young, healthy, pretty and intelligent and that life has many, many wonderful surprises and opportunities and varieties of chocolate in store for you.

yw ;)

Frank Baron said...


How's your mood NOW?