Saturday, 5 July 2008


I'm going to give this thing yet another go.

Life has been a little tumultuous of late, but things appear to be settling down. It seemed as if the line about raining/pouring was taken literally and to the extreme. Still, things can always be worse. I'm still smiling, so that will do.

The research is progressing and I'm enjoying it. Crazy. I'm almost ashamed to admit I like going to uni. There are other reasons, which shouldn't really factor into it, but bottom line is that I like it. I like how things move forward and change. This may be the only type of change I like. Maybe it's not change, but rather "progression".

Today was about focusing on things and getting things done. It worked. We're moving on.

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Stace said...

It must be nice to enjoy what you do!! Progression is good. I'm trying for change, myself. (Looking for a new job.)